No Explanation

Life happens sometimes with no explanation
Pull up your boot straps and mosey on
No crying over spilled milk no temper tantrums permitted
No explanation will be given
No need to shout nor yell and fighting isn’t necessary
It is what It is and It’s not what It’s not
No explanation, That’s that!
I live my life the way it has been given
To the fullest of my potential, making mistakes along the way
You don’t like the way I chase my dreams?
Oh well, I’ll chase them anyway
I owe you “No Explanation”


The Cycle Keeps Repeating

Cycle, what is the definition of the word?
A recurring series of events
I didn’t mean to RSVP “In Attendance”
I thought about it too much
I got that same sad lonely feeling and
The cycle repeats itself once again
I cared too much about what people would say and
The cycle keeps repeating itself
A change is gonna come
It must come…Soon
The cycle keeps repeating because I allow it to
Old series of events blocked and deleted
Recurring no more
Walking alone, My God and me, clearing my mind
New events have been assigned
The cycle can’t keep repeating

The Next Puzzle Piece

The pieces of the puzzle
Don’t fit perfectly in place yet
Some pieces tattered, some pieces torn
Still, they’re my pieces

My restorer is always on site
Ready to repair and restore what’s worn out and broken
Puzzle pieces are being made daily
Delicate mates to a specific purpose and time

A solid foundation has been laid
The pieces are being precisely placed
The vision is forming, the picture is developing
Take time, don’t rush

I’ve used all the pieces I have
Some are missing, where are they
I search fervently for them
Peace washes over me

They’re not lost, I’m not lost
The next puzzle piece
It’s being completed
Inside of me

Look and see
The puzzle is me
Take time, don’t rush
I’m a masterpiece


He Looked Back and Said

The sun was shining bright
Birds happily chirping with each upward swoop
Morning coffee steaming with the aroma of new beginnings
The scent of his cologne saturating my air

I hum softly thinking it’s a good day
I perch myself in front of the window
I admire God’s creation
Masculine meeting the feminine

I stand to face the unknown
I find him facing me, gazing in my eyes
A teardrop escapes his ducts and runs away down his cheek
A deep sigh pushes past me, compassion races to the front line

My strong arms embrace his weakness
My loyal love strengthens his heart
My encouraging words give him hope
God gives us the bond

Hand in hand we both know
No words are needed
Our hands release from their physical entanglement
We turn to go our separate ways
He looked back and said…Thank you my love


The Madness Made Me Do It

Going about my day-to-day
The pace of my mind becomes too fast
The noise is far too loud
Peace is on vacation
Contentment is lost, nowhere to be found

I feel the need to survive
I rise, I fall, I rise
There’s so much to be done
I have to make it

Logic says I’m a failure
Hope and motivation say I’ve succeeded because I tried
I have to make it
The next is calling me

I inhale, the rush engulfs my lungs
The energy of life inflates my being
The race is on, I run towards the finish line
I have to make it, I run, I run
I conquered fear
The Madness Made Me Do It

My Gift, Your Gift

A gift is a token of affection
It says I thought of you today
Gifts come in many forms
Its value measured in many different ways

My gift I give to you
My gift I share with the world
My gift is precious to me
Only those worthy may unwrap the treasure

Your gift you hide from me
I long to share in your joy
It’s worth more than gold
Don’t let it turn cold

My gift of time, attention, and love
Precious and rare is mine not to compare
Your gift of wisdom, advice, and love
Constant and true, everyday it’s renewed

My Gift, Your gift
Work together to become one
My Gift, Your Gift
Never ending

When You Don’t Express It

Life is a constant motion
Motion when awake, motion when we rest
Always having an opinion to share
Always having a point of view to convey

Some reply, “Who asked you?”
Well quite frankly no one
But, when you don’t express yourself
You get lost in yourself

Fear can begin to set in
Afraid to stand for your beliefs
Pretending to fall for the in crowd’s view
Why be the great pretender

Be you in every way
Use every avenue to speak “YOU”
Be fearless and express yourself
Because when you don’t express it